Essential Looks Winter 2010

Mon, 8 Mar 2010

Essentials Looks Winter 2010

Have you ever wondered how we get to know what in fashion for hair? Well we don't just make it up. Shendals sends key team members to the Essential Looks Launch. It happens twice a year & we get to see a fashion forcast 6months in advance. there are 4 looks


40‘s Romance Elegant femininity



International Catwalk Trends

Designers have veered between simple austerity to grown up feminine glamour. Silhouettes are elongated with slimline dresses, long-line pencil skirts and a return to classic tailoring. Skirt suits make a comeback as do neat waisted dresses and blouse-and-skirt combos. In essence 40s Romance is both feminine and ladylike.

The Dark Amazons a dark side of beauty



International Catwalk Trends

Strong warrior-styled goddesses provide yet ano

ther facet of the season’s emerging powerful woman. A strong look which is personified by the appeal of studded leathers worn with a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude. The perfect look for today’s strong confident glamazons who like to wear their clothes with a touch of modernity.

Eighties Luxe Stylish decadence


Eighties Luxe
International Catwalk Trends

Most designers still have an ongoing fascination for all things Eighties. From the overblown glamour of 80s Manhattan with its hedonistic studio 54 party sc

ene, to the glamorous excesses of the era’s top TV show; Dynasty. Lots of emphasis on structure, tailoring and of course the Eighties statement; the padded ‘power’ shoulder.

Out of Shape Avant-garde forms




International Catwalk Trends

A total rebellion against the last two seasons of ‘Sculptured Form’ and ‘Rounded Form’, this trend sees ‘Out of Shape’ go to extremes with oversizing and strong out of proportion shapes. A young strong dynamic trend which requires self-confidence and a certain amount of attitude for it to look good.